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We supply all the machines to Tilt Birmingham which is situated in a City Centre location, a few minutes from Birmingham New Street Train Station.

  • Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

    Addams Family Pinball Machine

    5.00 out of 5

    Fun with the Gomez, Morticia and the family. This CLASSIC machine features a bookcase (which must be opened before the vault is accessible), other features such as – Mamuska, Seance, Tunnel Hunt and Thing (hurry-up mode), two or three ball multi-ball and a model ‘thing’ that really lends a hand!  (We normally supply Addams Family’s with Addams Gold Edition Software – for extra features/sounds)

    From £6,995.00
  • stern-aerosmith-pinball

    Aerosmith by Stern Pinball

    out of 5
    From £5,995.00
  • Attack From Mars Pinball Machine

    out of 5

    Attack from Mars pinball machine remake by Chicago Gaming for sale in the UK.

    From £1,000.00
  • stern-pinball-batman-66-machine

    Batman 66 Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

    out of 5
    From £8,995.00
  • Dialed In by Jersey Jack Pinball

    out of 5

    Dialed In Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack Pinball for sale in the UK.  Available in Limited Edition or Collectors Edition versions.

    Pre order the Standard or Limited Edition now with a non refundable deposit or the Collectors Edition with a non refundable £1000 deposit.  The deposit paid will be taken off the displayed price of the game when it is time to pay the balance (prior to shipping from JJP factory 2017).  Price subject to fluctuation with large currency movements (it may also get cheaper).

    From £250.00
  • funhouse_pinball_machine_full_lg.jpg

    Funhouse pinball (1991) PREMIUM RESTORATION

    5.00 out of 5

    Williams Funhouse pinball machine for sale from Pinball Heaven in the UK, fully restored and totally rebuilt to better than new standard with many new parts.

  • Ghostbusters by Stern Pinball

    5.00 out of 5

    New Stern Ghostbusters Pinball Machine for sale in Pro/Premium models.  The Limited Edition model sold out in 12 hours Worldwide but don’t worry, we have Pro and Premium games IN STOCK!

    From £5,995.00
  • Medieval Madness Pinball NEW (remake)

    4.80 out of 5

    Brand new MEDIEVAL MADNESS pinball machine remake.  Following the sucess of the original Medieval Madness Pinball Machine, this is the 2015 version remanufactured by Planetary Pinball with latest technology, ALL LED lighting, LCD display yet still feels exactly the same as the classic Medieval Madness pinball machine.

    From £8,295.00
  • stern_metallica_pinball_full.png

    Metallica by Stern Pinball

    5.00 out of 5

    Metallica Pinball Machine from Stern pinball. This great pinball machine is loaded with Metallica tracks and great features and is a genuine UK version.

    From £5,995.00
  • monster_lg.jpg


    out of 5

    PREMIUM RESTORATION – New playfield, plastics set, cabinet art, DMD and many other parts for that NEW PIN look and feel.  Truly stunning.  Pictures below are from a Monster Bash refurb completed October 2008.  All you need for an excellent game with long lasting appeal. Many features including Count Dracula that moves across the table asking you to “Watch the family jewels!” as you hurl the ball at him, a frankenstein that lowers himself onto the playfield for you to strike him with the ball, a mummy that’s in a coffin whom makes frequent wise cracks and many other excellent features.Very nice machine indeed, a must for any serious pinball collection. Monster Bash Pinball Machine.

  • Scoregasm Master from Day One Pinball

    out of 5
    £1,495.83 £1,162.50
  • ST_PRO_lg.jpg

    Stern Star Trek Pinball Machine NEW

    5.00 out of 5

    Buy Stern Star Trek pro or premium Pinball Machine available at Pinball Heaven with full warranty and lifetime support! Fantastic machine with great reviews!

    From £5,995.00
  • The Hobbit (4 version options)

    5.00 out of 5

    The Hobbit Pinball Machine which is the second machine from Jersey Jack Pinball based in USA. JJP have created a second masterpiece of modern pinball tech.  We are really excited about this game, it has a great team working very hard for a long time on it.

    From £7,995.00
  • Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

    The Walking Dead (PRO/PREMIUM) by Stern Pinball

    5.00 out of 5

    Stern The Walking Dead pinball machine for sale in the UK from stock with full Pinball Heaven warranty. This is a genuine UK spec machine not import.

  • Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

    Wizard of Oz by Jersey Jack Pinball

    5.00 out of 5

    Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack Pinball Inc and what an amazing machine this is, not to mention their FIRST machine!

    Using 5 flippers you have to battle the Wicked Witch, take a trip to Munchkin Land, loop the ball around the Spinning House for big points during a Twister, break down the castle doors for Castle Multiball and watch the action unfold on the 26′ HD LCD monitor which tells you how you are progressing through this very impressive machine whilst listening to the Digital Stereo coming at you from multiple speakers.

    From £8,795.00

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